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Our newest product is here! The Journey Cactus “Leather” Jewelry Pouch

May 20, 2020

A person's legs from the knees down wearing yellow sandals and holding the black Journey Jewelry Pouch down in front of her legs. There is a cactus in the background because the pouch is made with faux leather from cacti.

Meet your newest weekend getaway essential- The Journey Cactus “Leather” Jewelry Pouch (Yup, I said cactus!) Last year when I heard they were making “leather” out of cactus I was fascinated by the innovation and the fact that it looked and felt like real leather. I just had to make something out of it! Enter- the journey jewelry pouch. Designed to organize your essential jewelry pieces for your weekend getaways or vacations. It’s sleek and minimal design also makes it easy to pack, or pop in your tote bag!

A few facts about cactus “leather”: 

  • Cactus leather is environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced
  • Cactus grows with rain water and earth minerals. No irrigation system involved!
  • No chemicals, herbicides or pesticides used
  • Cactus is left unharmed to enable repeated harvesting from the same plant- it basically just gets a haircut!
  • All waste from production of cactus leather is sold to the food industry

Shop The Journey Cactus “Leather” Pouch here