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Boring gifts? We’re sick of them too…

November 18, 2022

Gift Guide - the fileist - Lindsay Albanese

It seems like every year we search for new and interesting gifts but see the same old same old in the gift guides. We hear ya and that’s why at the fileist our mission is for you to discover things you probably didn’t know existed, all invented by female small business owners.

Gifts for the…

the frequent flyerThe Luggage Tag (because who wants to carry their hat in their hand at the airport?!)

the remote workerThe Daily Laptop Clutch (organize your laptop, phone, notebook- all your work essentials in one sleek pouch)

the fashionistaThe Nori Press (because who wants to use the dreaded hotel iron?!)

the person who loves to workoutEquipt Weighted Ubarre (never stash your old dumbbells again because this Ubarre looks like a stylish art piece in your home when not in use!)

for the vacationer The 2-Sided Travel Laundry Bag (everyone needs a place to store and separate their cleans from their dirties while traveling…)

for the vacay hat wearerThe Fray TOPTOTE (looks like a chic bag charm when it’s not holding your hat! Plus, who doesn’t love a little rafia??)

for the cyclistFEND foldable helmet (collapses 50% smaller so you can toss it in your tote!)

for the hat collectorThe Collector (hats are so cumbersome to store at home… That’s why we designed the collector!)

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