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How to organize your hats in a small space

January 16, 2023

The Collector - How to organize your hats in a small space - Lindsay Albanese - the fileist

 Having a small space can be a challenge when it comes to staying organized. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the limited amount of storage and workspace, but don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to stay organized even in the most confined of spaces. But if there is one thing we’ve always struggled with organizing in an efficient manner – it’s our hats! If you’re reading this, you’re likely a hat-wearer like us and own a TOPTOTE hat holder or two. Yes, we love our TOPTOTE’s but we realized we didn’t have anything to help us with our hat collection at home. This is when the idea for the Collector was born…

Here’s how the Collector works…

The Collector - the fileist - Lindsay Albanese

Simply hang it onto the back of your door, attach your TOPTOTE (s) to the loops…

The Collector - Lindsay Albanese - TOPTOTE - the fileist

…and hang your hats conveniently and out of the way! 

The Collector - TOPTOTE - Lindsay Albanese - the fileist

Did we mention it’s aesthetically pleasing? And holds 3-5 TOPTOTE’s and 3-6 hats!

The Collector - Lindsay Albanese - the fileist

Whether you have just a few hats or an entire collection, keeping them organized and out of sight doesn’t have to be difficult—even if you live in a small space! With The Collector, organizing your hat collection shouldn’t take much time at all—and who knows, maybe having everything neat and tidy will inspire new fashion combinations along the way for the new season! With The Collector, any small space dweller can figure out how best to store their hat collection without sacrificing precious square footage. We hope this product makes your life a little easier…

Shop The Collector here

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