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How to organize your hats in a small space

January 16, 2023

The Collector - How to organize your hats in a small space - Lindsay Albanese - the fileist

We needed something to organize our hats at home and save space – so we designed it! Here’s how the Collector works…

The Collector - the fileist - Lindsay Albanese

Simply hang it onto the back of your door, attach your TOPTOTE (s) to the loops…

The Collector - Lindsay Albanese - TOPTOTE - the fileist

…and hang your hats conveniently and out of the way! 

The Collector - TOPTOTE - Lindsay Albanese - the fileist

Did we mention it’s aesthetically pleasing? And holds 3-5 TOPTOTE’s and 3-6 hats!

The Collector - Lindsay Albanese - the fileist

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