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The Inspiration behind our Spring TOPTOTE Collection

March 7, 2023

The Drop Denim TOPTOTE - hat holder -Spring Collection - Lindsay Albanese - the fileist

Lindsay has designed several collections of TOPTOTE hat holders, ranging from last year’s pool-float-inspired summer collection to our raffia-trimmed, best-selling Fray TOPTOTE hat holder. However, this year, our team is convinced Lindsay outdid herself. In a mundane moment we’ve all had, folding jeans, she was inspired to design our Spring TOPTOTE hat holders. Denim is a closet staple, and it goes with everything. As a result, we are proud to introduce our new denim TOPTOTE hat clips – the perfect solution for holding your hat when you’re on the go. If you haven’t seen our latest hat holder designs yet, you’re in for a real treat. Keep reading to learn more about what inspired Lindsay to embrace the Canadian tuxedo this spring and her thought process behind this amazing hat holder collection.

It’s the little moments that inspiration can come from…

It all started with a pair of jeans….

But really it did! If there is one piece of clothing that Lindsay wears weekly it’s denim and we’re sure most of you do too! It’s a quintessential fabric that looks good on everyone and can be paired with just about everything – just like our new spring collection. We took some of our best selling TOPTOTE styles (The Drop and The Circle) and re-imagined them with our fave denim washes! We even designed a fun two-tone style, The Pair because why not?! This collection looks good with all your spring looks whether you’re wearing denim or not. It’s the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe this season that is both elevated and timeless – like your fave pair of jeans.

…and although it’s our spring collection, we would wear these styles year round!

The Pair TOPTOTE hat holder - Spring Collection - Lindsay Albanese - the fileist

The Design Process

The design process doesn’t always look like what you’d think! For one, you can’t just design something that you love because you also have to think about what your customer loves. It’s a true balancing act finding the perfect combination of colors, materials, and shapes for a season’s collection and can be like solving a complex puzzle. That’s why Lindsay took some time to explore her creative inspiration and design process. She went through all her denim (jeans, jackets, you name it) even went to retail stores like Zara to see what type of denim wash she was most drawn to – trying to find the perfect unexpected pieces while also exploring how color and shape evoke emotion. She also analyzed trends to figure out what would look best together. Yep, it’s not that easy! After hours spent considering fabric swatches, she finally solidified her concept for our spring collection: classic, bright, effortless and more. In the end, she designed an eye catching (and always functional!) collection that will become apart of your wardrobe staples this spring.

The Drop Denim TOPTOTE hat holder - Lindsay Albanese - the fileist

Functionality & Durability

When TOPTOTE isn’t securely holding your hats with our 2 high-powered magnets (they’re as strong as it gets!) it looks just as good as a cute bag charm. Simply clip TOPTOTE onto your bag, attach your hat and go hands-free this spring.

…and if you are wondering how durable and long lasting they are – let’s just say we still use one of our very first styles the Drop and it still looks and works like a charm. Did we mention TOPTOTE can easily hold 1-2 hats (sometimes 3) depending on the thickness of the brim of your hat?! Yep, we have function covered so you never have to carry your hat in your hand again – especially, when traveling!

Oh and one thing a lot of people don’t know is that we have all of our products tested for toxic chemicals. It’s quite a process and we won’t bore you but you can’t put a price on quality. Don’t you agree?!

Spring TOPTOTE Collection - hat holder - Lindsay Albanese - the fileist

Now, which style should I get?!

Our first answer would obviously be BOTH but we’ll help you make a decision if you are wavering between the two…

The Drop Denim – This is our best selling shape so we re-designed it in light wash denim for Spring because we felt it was cool and bright and looks elevated with all our spring tote bags. You really can’t go wrong with this one…

The Pair – Spring travel plans mean it’s time to dust off those Spring hats! This two-tone denim TOPTOTE hat holder was designed for those of you who love contrast and color blocking. It effortlessly holds your hat when you travel and it also looks elevated and cool on your bag when it’s not. Call it a TOPTOTE, hat holder, or hat clip! Either way you can now travel with your hat, hands-free on your next trip.

Don’t forget, both are limited edition styles so once they’re gone they won’t be coming back! We say buy one for yourself and one for the hat wearer in your life or stock up on birthday / holiday gifts early.

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