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Lindsay’s Essentials For An Overnight Trip

April 3, 2023

The Luggage Tag TOPTOTE clipped to carry-on luggage with hat attached

Weekend trips are always exciting – they give you a break from the mundane routine of daily life and allow you to explore new places. But, the key to having an enjoyable weekend trip is packing the right things. Whether it is clothing for different occasions, travel items that make getting around more convenient or stylish accessories that complete your look for any activity, effective packing can help take your weekend getaway from ‘good’ to ‘great’! In this blog post we are sharing Lindsay’s fave essentials for a weekend getaway and or overnight trip – because let’s face it, we’ve been that person who overpacks and ends up wearing the same thing or forgets their key accessories to take their outfit from basic to stylish. So we’re making life a little easier for you with Lindsay’s curated weekend getaway essentials.

We’ll also cover important tips and tricks on what items should be included in your suitcase so that it fits all activities during the weekend trip – read on if you’re looking for advice on creating a mini-wardrobe as well as discussing must-have hassles free traveling essentials!

1. Lack of Color Palma Fedora

Because a hat can ultimately make an outfit and take it from boring to cute in an instance! Lindsay loves the Palm Wide Brimmed Fedora from Lack of Color because it’s a neutral straw that goes with all your spring looks and makes any outfit elevated. Plus, you can’t beat the fit.

Shop Palma Fedora here

Lack of Color's Wide Brimmed Palma Fedora with Natural Straw

2. Lo & Sons Weekender Bag

Everyone needs to own a great weekender bag – it’s honestly a wardrobe staple. They’re so convenient when you’re heading out for overnight trip, weekend getaway or just want to pack light. Now we know there is a ton out there to choose from but Lindsay recently discovered the Weekender Duffle Bag from Lo & Sons and hasn’t used another bag since. It has the perfect amount of room to fill all your essentials, has a pocket for everything so you can stay organized and even has a zipper compartment on the bottom for your shoes or more storage.

It comes in a few different colors but we love a neutral so we suggest getting it in natural canvas!

Shop Lo & Sons Weekender here

Lo&Sons Natural Canvas Weekender Duffle Bag Product Shot

3. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

It’s a classic for a reason… Because Ray-Bans are simply the best and affordable! There is so many trendy shades out there now but when it comes to a weekend getaway or overnight trip – we suggest sticking to the basics that you know you can’t go wrong with and will compliment any outfit. Also, make sure they are black and not too skinny. We think this goes without saying but you never know…

Shop Ray-Bans here

Women's Black Ray-Bans "State Street" style product shot

4. One Piece Swimsuit From L*Space

If there is one thing Lindsay puts first before anything… It’s comfort! But she still always manages to look stylish. A great one piece is the key to doing this because if you plan on eating everything in site at brunch and enjoying one too many mimosas at brunch like we do- you want to be comfortable afterwards and a one piece fits you snug in all the right places. But don’t get us wrong some one piece swimsuits are not the cutest… This is why we love swimsuits from L*Space. They fit like a glove and look so cute when paired with a pair of linen pants – we sometimes even wear it as our top. Plus, they have so many flattering necklines to choose from – we can’t say enough good things about their swimwear.

Shop L*Space One Piece here

L*Space Swimwear black and white one piece swimsuit

5. Our L*Space X Lindsay Albanese Beach Bag

Now that you have your weekender bag covered, you need a versatile beach bag to take you from point A to point B. We may be bias but we always bring our L*Space X Lindsay Albanese Road Trippin’ Tote with us on all our weekend trips because it can be worn as a tote or a backpack, has ample room to hold all your stuff and even has a removable cooler so you can keep the wine flowing. Plus, it’s neutral enough to go with all your spring looks.

Shop L*Space X Lindsay Albanese Bag here

Now that we have all your items covered for your overnight or weekend trip – we’re going to help make the packing process even easier…

Our L*Space X Lindsay Albanese Road Tripping Tote pictured with removable cooler

First Off, Create a packing list in your notes…

Before you start throwing things into your suitcase, take the time to make a packing list. It doesn’t have to be an extensive list; just jot down the basics. Think in terms of categories like clothing, shoes, toiletries, accessories (sunglasses, hats etc.), electronics (phones, chargers etc.) and documents (passports, travel tickets etc). Creating this list will help ensure that you don’t forget anything important at home while also helping keep track of what’s already in your suitcase so that you don’t overpack.

Pack smarter, not harder

When it comes to clothes, less is more. Choose versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched throughout the weekend to create multiple looks from minimal items. Clothing-wise stick with neutrals like black and white so that everything works together seamlessly and easily transitions from day-to-night. Bring one pair of shoes per activity such as sneakers for walking around town, sandals for lounging on the beach and dress shoes if there are plans to go out at night. As far as accessories go choose items like a cute hat which can double as both fashion statement pieces as well as a sun protector depending on where your travels take you. Basically, pack the accessories we shared above…

Take Care of Necessities

Be sure to pack all necessary documents such as passports and tickets in an accessible place like an outside pocket or pouch on your bag so they are easy to grab when needed while traveling through security or customs checkpoints. Also remember to pack chargers for all electronics including phones and cameras so that they last all weekend long! Additionally be sure not forget any toiletries like toothpaste or deodorant which can be easily forgotten when packing but are essential items when traveling away from home.

Packing is an important part of any trip but it doesn’t have to be stressful! With these accessories and tips in mind you can rest assured knowing that everything has been taken care off before heading out your door on your next spring weekend getaway and you’ll be looking the part! So don’t worry about forgetting something – just relax and enjoy yourself!