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4 Things We Pack For a Warm Weather Getaway This Spring

March 13, 2023

The Nori Press - Pack this for a warm weekend getaway this spring - blog image - the fileist

Yep, spring is officially days away which means we’re ready for a warm vacay and some much needed color in our wardrobe. So whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a longer trip, packing is always the most challenging part of the planning process. It can be especially difficult when you’re traveling to a warmer climate. You want to make sure you have everything you need, but you don’t want to overpack! Here are some tips and travel products that we are packing that will help make sure your packing list is just right for your next warm weather getaway.

Pack versatile pieces

The key to packing light and smart is choosing pieces that can be used in multiple outfits or scenarios. For every item you want to pack you should always think, “Can I wear this during the day and possibly dress this up or make it appropriate for night?” If your answer is “yes” then you should pack it. We know basic items like plain t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and jeans can all be dressed up or down depending on the occasion but what about your bags?! If we’re spending a weekend away there are two bags we always bring – the first one, a cute shoulder bag we can throw over on for dinner that looks good with all our outfits. We would even do a pop of color for this since it is going to be spring after all…

August Noa - The Noa Backpack - the fileist

Second – your travel bag. This might be the most important one because it’s the bag you’re going to be traveling from point A to point B with and you’ll want it to fit all your essentials but still look stylish with your travel looks. This is why we always travel with the noa backpack. It’s a neutral color so it will go with all your fits because we don’t believe in sacrificing our style! But it also has a pocket for everything – laptop sleeve, a removable drawstring bag to hold your shoes and change of clothes (crucial for a weekend trip) and the best part of all – it even has zip pockets on the shoulder straps so that you can easily access your essentials (ID, lipgloss, AirPods – you name it) without having to dig through your bag! It’s the bag Lindsay never travels without and we promise you won’t either once you have…

Stay organized from the start

You are one hour into your trip and have already torn through your carry-on trying to find your new swimsuit or fave, comfy bra – yep, we’ve been there… This is one of the reasons we designed our Weekender 2-Sided Travel Laundry Bag – because we never knew what do with our dirty socks, damp swimsuits, etc and always mixed it up with our clean stuff! Here’s how it works: it has a zipper on each side (one side is labeled “wear me” and the other “wash me” because we don’t need any confusion) and it has a divider on the inside so you can finally store your cleans and dirties in one convenient pouch. It also fits perfectly in your overnight bag! It has just the right amount of room to fit your undies, swimsuits socks – for a weekend trip. However, if you are planning on traveling for a week or more – we would recommend our Extended Stay Laundry Bag. It works the same way as the weekender it’s just larger in size for those longer trips!

2-sided travel laundry bags - Lindsay Albanese - the fileist

Ugh, my clothes are wrinkled from being packed – now what?

No one likes to wear wrinkled clothes but we’re guilty of doing it when we travel because your airbnb doesn’t have a steamer or the hotel iron board just seems like way too big of a process. This is why we always travel with the Nori Press. Invented by two girlfriends – it’s the next best thing since the iron board and frankly, we aren’t sure how no one thought of this genius idea sooner! Since there is no getting around having wrinkled clothes when you travel – you’re going to want to pack this. The Nori Press is designed to conveniently press, steam and refresh your clothes. It’s basically a steamer and an iron in one- plus it has different fabric settings i.e. denim, silk, etc! It’s super compact and we like to stash it in our carry-on suitcase because you inevitably have wrinkled clothing after you arrive to your destination. Time to plan that trip!

The Nori Press - the fileist

Bring Functional Accessories

In addition to clothing items, stylish and functional accessories can really help take your outfits the extra mile without taking up much space in your suitcase! Since you’re going some place warm, you’re going to need to pack a few hats for style and to protect your skin of course.

…and you know what goes hand in hand with hats? TOPTOTE hat holder. It’s a hat clip for travel that attaches to your bag and the prim of your favorite hat so you can travel hands-free. Because you should never have to carry your hat in your hand in the airport or on vacation! We have many styles but since we’re talking a warm weekend getaway here – we recommend our newest limited edition style The Drop Denim. This is our best selling shape so we designed it in denim for Spring because we felt it was cool and bright and looks elevated with all our spring tote bags and travel looks. Plus, it looks good with just about any hat.

The Drop Denim TOPTOTE - hat holder - spring collection - the fileist

So now that we have the essentials covered, where are we going to get some sun this weekend?!