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Why Our Laptop Sleeve Is Different Than Anything You’ve Seen…

February 27, 2023

The Daily Cactus Leather Laptop Clutch

A few years ago Lindsay was searching for a laptop sleeve and quickly realized they were all very expensive and not very functional. She was quite honestly board of the lackluster selection in the market. So she designed her own! She redesigned the work life essential and ditched the traditional “laptop sleeve or laptop case” description and gave it a new name – The Daily Laptop Clutch! Oh, and did we mention it is faux leather made from cactus? Yep! Read on to learn why ours is different from any laptop sleeve you’ve seen.

The Daily Cactus Leather Laptop Clutch

How is this made out of cactus?

Our faux leather is made out of part cactus and part PU (polyurethane) which is essentially the plastic material that’s used in all fake leather out there. We love it because we are offsetting the use of all that plastic with the use of a natural material aka cactus.

Don’t worry though… The cactus go unharmed during this process. We basically give it a little haircut and it grows right back! Pretty neat huh?

Daily Cactus Leather Laptop Clutch

Is it durable?

Yes! Our cactus leather looks and feels like real genuine leather. And although it is sleek and not bulky like most laptop cases out there, it’s super protective. We use ours almost daily (no pun intended!) and it still looks good as new!

Daily Cactus Leather Laptop Clutch

What does it hold?

Our clutch holds your laptop, notebook, phone, charger – all your work stuff! It also has 2 pockets- one designated for your laptop and the other front one for your notebook with a clasp closure to keep everything secured.

Daily Cactus Leather Laptop Clutch

Which size is right for my laptop?

Our clutches are available in 2 sizes: 13″ and 16.” If you aren’t sure which size is right for you we recommend measuring the screen on your laptop diagonally, from corner to corner to determine which one you should order.

***Does not fit the 14” MacBook Pro.***

Daily Cactus Leather Laptop Clutch in Beige

What colors does it come in?

Our cactus leather clutches are currently available in black or beige. We also have other colors available in our genuine leather laptop clutch – see here.

Daily Cactus Leather Laptop Clutch Black

There’s so many laptop cases out there… Why this one?!

Lindsay was shopping for a new laptop case a few years ago and couldn’t find exactly what she wanted… Which was a laptop case that was sleek enough to toss in her tote and not super bulky, still stylish, but also functional and most importantly, protective! And also had pockets to hold all her work stuff so what else do inventors do… They design it themselves! Clutch it from place to place or toss it in your tote.

Daily Cactus Leather Laptop Clutch

Where do we use it the most?

Whether you work remote or travel with your laptop like we do – we love having a place to keep our laptop, notebook (work stuff!) all organized while on-the-go so we use it pretty much everywhere we go and you will too! Plus, its super stylish but also professional looking for work meetings.

…Because office accessories shouldn’t have to be boring hah!

Daily Cactus Leather Laptop Clutch in black and beige

Do you have any videos with it?!

Duh! Look how sleek and stylish it looks here for traveling and the discreet pockets we mentioned here.

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