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We all want healthy soft skin which is why lotion has always been a part of our daily routine. However, we would be lying if we didn’t say there has been plenty of days we skip it or don’t feel like lathering our body right out of the shower. This is one of the reasons we started using Drenchbar. It’s a non-scented, clean in-lotion shower bar that you apply to your damp skin, straight out of the shower. No lotion required! It’s been saving our skin this summer and we promise it will do the same for yours too…

drenchbar in shower lotion bar unscented
drenchbar in shower lotion bar unscented

This brand was inspired by my hatred of lotion, my journey through motherhood, my life in the desert, and my and my children’s hyper-sensitive skin. It’s an ideal option for busy moms, working professionals, avid travelers, or anyone looking to find small ways to care for themselves, their bodies, and the planet.

Leah Smolensky

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