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Who doesn’t love a candle?! We almost always have one burning and it’s the worst when they burn out (which feels like it happens more often then it should!) This is why we were thrilled when we discovered Everlasting Candle – it’s the first long-lasting candle that never melts! Yep, you read that right. Unlike other candles (a lot which are actually toxic, yikes!) Everlasting Candle uses a clean, natural oil that burns for over 50 hours – with real flames. Genius right? With its elevated design, it will make any space feel sophisticated instantly…

Everlasting Candle Wylie Set
Everlasting Candle Wylie Set

We are a company that believes in bringing people together, sparking conversations, and creating the perfect ambiance when entertaining or relaxing at home. We genuinely care about providing value to people’s lives, which is why we created a more sustainable and long-lasting candle. We know our candles are unique products that offer an experience like no other.

Tamara Furgason

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