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We’ve all been there- you’re on a trip and don’t know what to do with your dirty clothes so you stash them in a plastic bag or even worse, inside a pocket in your suitcase, gross! And after shopping around we realized that most packing cubes were not functional enough to hold both the cleans and dirties. That’s exactly why we designed our “famous” two-sided laundry bag. It’s essentially a mobile laundry basket that holds your cleans and dirties in one convenient pouch!

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2 reviews for 2-Sided Laundry Bag Bundle

  1. Brooke says:

    I never travel without my laundry bags! These help me stay so organized in my travels and are super cute!

  2. Sophie says:

    I never knew what to do with my dirty socks + undies on a trip and the laundry bag solved that issue! I love the weekender for when I’m only going somewhere for a couple nights and bring the bigger standard size one all my travels. Both come in handy!

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