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Close-up photo of the Luggage Tag TOPTOTE attached to a suitcase and holding a white hat.
A person from the waist down standing next to a rolling suitcase with the handle extended. The person has their hand rested on the suitcase handle, and there is a black Luggage Tag TOPTOTE attached holding a cream hat

I loved a good hat but hated the commitment that came when wearing one. Then I realized nothing had been invented for hat travel since the hat box! I knew I was onto something and had to invent the solution.

Lindsay Albanese

It’s As Simple As...

GIF explaining how to use the TOPTOTE: attach the metal keyring to your bag handle or strap and use the magnetic clip to attach your hat by its brim.
  1. Clip
  2. Separate
  3. Snap
  4. Wear it or not!

Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Luggage Tag

  1. I hope the improved version is better than the original, as I had negative experiences with the original…the clip unclipped from by bag on several occasions (I used an elastic band to secure it, but that was less than attractive), and I also had the same experience of the hat falling off the clip several other times. It is a GREAT idea, and would be wonderful if it worked the way it was reported to…Since the original was billed to be so wonderful, and wasn’t (and I bought two different ones), I really hesitate to spend more money to to replace a poor produce with one that might be “less bad.” Perhaps if replacements were offered to those who experienced trouble with the original, folks might be more willing to try again (or write better reviews).

  2. Great idea, just poor design. I could not get the tag to stay snapped. Lost my hat in the airport and had to retrace my steps to find it. My husband is so frustrated with me fussing with the thing every time we travel, that he insisted I throw it away. So sad.

  3. I used my luggage tag for the first time this week. I initially noticed that the snap was weak, but thought it would be ok. However, it unsnapped at least 5 times during my first 30 minutes in the airport. I won’t be using it again for fear of losing it and my hat. I gave it 2 stars because I like the concept and the magnet is strong, but the snap does not work.

  4. If you’re an avid traveler like me- you NEED the luggage tag in your life! I never have to lug my hat in the airport again with TOPTOTE! It is 100% a travel must-have if you wear hats or like to bring them on a tropical vacation!

  5. Great product that is well made. No more smashing my hat in luggage, or forgetting my hat at random places. Thank you

  6. I can’t say enough great things about this accessory! I love the chic design that goes perfectly with whichever luggage or carry on I decide to pack. I love that this accessory is sturdy enough to hold my hat in place so that it doesn’t get knocked off when I slide my bag into the overhead compartment or brush up against something. And I love having the option of wearing my hat or going hands free! I purchased TOPTOTE for my handbag as well, this is a travel must have!

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