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Two women holding colored tote bags with a black and a tan TOPTOTE holding cream hats
Photo of the tan Fray TOPTOTE with fringe edges attached to a red handbag and holding a straw summer hat

I loved a good hat but hated the commitment that came when wearing one. Then I realized nothing had been invented for hat travel since the hat box! I knew I was onto something and had to invent the solution.

Lindsay Albanese

It’s As Simple As...

GIF explaining how to use the TOPTOTE: attach the metal keyring to your bag handle or strap and use the magnetic clip to attach your hat by its brim.
  1. Clip
  2. Separate
  3. Snap
  4. Wear it or not!

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for The Fray

  1. Honestly can say I have never left a review but I just came back from my trip to Mexico! Wow! What a game-changer! Such a strong magnet! Thank you for this flawless design!

  2. I’d been thinking about getting a top tote for awhile but was resistant due to the price. This summer I invested in a nice hat and decided to go for the top tote to make sure I kept it in good shape. I’m so glad I did! This makes it so easy to carry my hat around and it’s also very cute.

  3. I love my top tote! It’s sturdy, keeps my hands free and it’s so darn cute! I keep it attached to my bag as a charm and I love! Will be buying more! Very happy!

  4. how did we ever live without this?!!
    the best house gift, thank you gift, birthday gift ever!

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