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A white hex-shaped clasp with three gold chain links, attaching a wide-brimmed straw hat to the handle of a round, black handbag.
A black Hex TOPTOTE hat holder clasp attached to a black handbag strap and a straw sunhat.

I loved a good hat but hated the commitment that came when wearing one. Then I realized nothing had been invented for hat travel since the hat box! I knew I was onto something and had to invent the solution.

Lindsay Albanese

It’s As Simple As...

GIF explaining how to use the TOPTOTE: attach the metal keyring to your bag handle or strap and use the magnetic clip to attach your hat by its brim.
  1. Clip
  2. Separate
  3. Snap
  4. Wear it or not!

Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Hex

  1. Brooke says:

    I have both black & white and they are such an important part of my travels! An absolute must! They have such a strong magnet!

  2. Mik says:

    Cutest ever!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I can’t get over how genius the top tote is! Not sure I lived my hat days before I got one. So practical, so cute, sturdy high quality material. I need one for ever bag. I love how that the top tote makes my hat a cute accessory even when I’m not wearing it.

  4. Denisse says:

    Toptote is a genius product! I often left my hats at home worrying I would smash them on my carry-on or losing them. But this chic and stylish Toptote holds them secure and also takes care of my hat’s brim with its sturdy magnets. No matter where my destination is, I now carry my hat hands-free! This premium and high quality product also makes a great gift, who doesn’t have a hat or cap that could use it!? Simply genius

  5. Ruthie says:

    For someone with a love for travel and a love for hats the top tote is a game changer. Constantly receive compliments on how chic, stylish, and creative it is and i can take absolutely no credit but am so glad that i own it. LOVE. WANT ONE FOR EVERY BAG.

  6. Ann Latham says:

    I love Lindsay’s energy! You can tell she put so much into her brand! Toptote is the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday’s, or ANY occasion! You will want to wear your hats after you own this unique invention!

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