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Calling all wine lovers! We love our wine over here at the fileist and we have had those times when well, it got a little too room temp for us at the party. VoChill was thoughtfully designed to keep your wine chilled in an aesthetically pleasing way – aka combining function and style, 2 things we always appreciate! We knew the moment we discovered this product that we had to sell it on the fileist right away because it’s truly a game changing product for summer time. This is one of those products you buy for yourself but you end up loving it so much you have to get one for all your wine loving besties too – because it’s no fun drinking alone… Good thing, the VoChill Wine Chiller comes in pairs of two. Now we need to know – are we drinking rosé or white? 

VoChill Stemless Wine Chiller Pair in Quartz
VoChill Stemless Wine Chiller Pair in Quartz

I created VoChill because I simply wanted a better way to preserve the chill the glass without interfering with the wine experience. I envisioned a product that would accentuate the wine glass without altering the beauty of the wine itself.

Lisa Pawlik

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