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5 Questions With Our Company Accountant + CFO, Tiffany Johnson!

Tiffany is our North Star when it comes to our company financials and she's truly so much more than that to us! As a business owner and one who built her own career destiny we could not have picked a better person to kick off our new '5 Questions With____' blog series!

LA: What is one mistake you made in your career that you learned the most from?

TIFFANY: Being too quick to rush to an answer that I wasn’t ready to give. That has gotten me in trouble more times than one. I’ve since learned to take a beat, ask a ton of questions, and let clients know that I will get back to them after I have done a bit of research. A perfectly acceptable answer!

LA: What are you most proud of at this moment?

 TIFFANY: I know its sounds so cliché but my husband and I just celebrated 14 years of marriage and I’m super proud of that. We are very different people than when we first met in college but we have grown and evolved together as the years have passed and that doesn’t always happen with people. We have always supported each other in our creative and career endeavors and that has made all the difference. 


LA: What is one interesting thing that people may not know about your profession?

TIFFANY: Not all CPAs do taxes. We come in all shapes and forms. Some do taxes in a private firm, some do auditing work at a big firm and some build successful tech companies and no longer do tax or accounting work (#goals).


LA: As a certified financial planner (and soon-to-be CPA – certified public accountant) what is one bit of advice you can share with our readers if they want to pursue this particular career?

TIFFANY: Be prepared for a long journey. It’s not going to be easy. Make sure you have a ton of support from your friends and family. Prepare them to not see you for several months (or longer) as you pursue this career. It’s a ton of hard work but completely worth it in the end.


LA: Your go-to beverage after a long week (specifics please!)?

 TIFFANY: Cold brew in the morning, Rose in the afternoon and any California red blend for late evenings (and all three are needed after a long week)!

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