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Discover the travel essentials that will keep your hands-free and your stuff organized (we know it's a lot!) wherever the journey takes you.


We don't just sell cute things, all of our women designed travel products have that element of function that is game changing and makes you want to share with everyone you know. When it comes to travel, it's easy to be swayed by the allure of cute and stylish products. Who doesn't love a suitcase in their favorite color or a charming passport holder? But what if these products could do more than just look good? What if they could be game-changing, multi functional, make your life easier and make you want to share them with everyone you know? That's precisely our mission - to blend style and functionality in women-designed travel products that make you say,"genius!"

canvas tote bag and backpack hybrid with rattan woven base with removeable cooler
Featuring two model using the TOPTOTE Luggage Hat Holder Clip and the Drop TOPTOTE