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Two-Sided Travel Laundry Bag

Sale price$45.00

Ever wonder where to put your dirty socks and undergarments when traveling? Us too! Introducing our 2-sided laundry bag. It's a pouch with a zipper on each side and a divider in the middle so you can easily store your clean and dirties separately and in one convenient place when traveling. This is our "extended stay" bag which is bigger for longer trips. We also have a smaller size called, The Weekender that's perfect for your two-night trips!

Two sided travel laundry bag stores your clean and dirty clothes separate and in one convenient pouch when you travel
Two-Sided Travel Laundry Bag Sale price$45.00


The best thing since packing cubes! Effortlessly store your clean and dirty clothes in one convenient pouch on your next trip. The weekender size is ideal for quick weekend trips and the extended stay has more space for longer vacations. Many times we take both because they're just so convenient to organize, store and separate your clothes.

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