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5 Questions With Celebrity Fashion Stylist Tara Swennen!

Renowned Celebrity Fashion Stylist Tara Swennen has built an impressive career and name for herself by creating looks for Kristen Stewart, Matthew McConaughey, and Lauren Conrad to name a few. She's also a friend of our Founder! Read on for an honest look into the fascinating world of fashion and styling the famous.... 

LA: What is one interesting thing that people may not know about being a Celebrity Fashion Stylist?

TARA: Perhaps how much work and how many team members are behind each look! There are days of planning, executing, shipping, fitting, accessorizing etc... that go into each and every red carpet moment and it's all made to look effortless- but it takes a village! 

LA: What is one mistake you made in your career that you learned the most from?

TARA: Letting the curve balls get to me! You learn to develop thick skin very quickly in fashion and in Hollywood- In my earlier years, I would take things personally, and now I have learned to let them roll off my back. Curve balls come every week and you just have to learn how to roll with the punches, or get bowled over!  

LA: As a Celebrity Fashion Stylist, what is one bit of advice you can share with our readers if they want to pursue this particular career?

TARA: Be humble and eager to learn! Understand that it takes a lot of hard work- that means clerical work, organizational skills, manual labor, along with sharp wit and a natural eye- lots of keen observation and listening to constructive criticism are key ways to excel in this industry! Say yes to everything and be willing to learn from each experience! 

LA: What are you most proud of at this moment?

TARA: I'm always very proud of how many young men and women I have mentored to successful careers after working with me. It makes me very proud to see them flourish on their own! I am also very much enjoying my push toward sustainability at the moment- It feels good after twenty years to put my talent and connections to use helping create a new path for the industry in the landscape of a new World.

LA: Your go-to beverage after a long week (specifics please!)?

TARA: Baileys Almond milk liquor! The ultimate beverage for an avid vegan to kick back and relax with lol!

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