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'How Did They Do It?' With Designer and Founder, Rebecca Minkoff

You will rarely meet a person who hasn't purchased one of her bags in their lifetime. It's none other than renowned designer, Founder, friend, and mentor to me and so many others, Rebecca Minkoff. This is a full circle moment for me because throughout my entire 16 year styling career I pulled and shopped for Rebecca Minkoff clothing and accessories for my photoshoots and for celebrity clients. It was only a little over a year ago that Rebecca and I really got to connect at a female founders retreat and it was instant friendship. She has given me some key words of advice that I have implemented into my business to this day! Needless to say, I'm humbled and proud to highlight her journey here today.

LA: What is one interesting thing that people may not know about designing clothing and accessories?


R: How much you never see! We have hundreds of samples that sadly never make it! That clothing is WAAY harder bc you are fitting it on a body and making a general assumption about bodies being similar when we are all so different!


LA: What is one mistake you made that you learned the most from?


R: Not following my gut and standing up for myself. I let others have way too much power and I will forever regret not standing up strong enough.


LA: What is one thing you did that put you on the right path to be successful in this career?


R: Persist, rely on your network and ask for help!


LA: What are you most proud of at this moment?


R: That my company is alive and thriving. That we got thru the last year and grew and continued to exist and have a better sense of our path than ever before


LA: Your go-to beverage after a long week (specifics please!)?


R: I am dry these days, so I've been loving Lyres, non-alcoholic spritzers!


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