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"How Did They Do It?" With Showfields Co-Founder, Katie Hunt!

Katie Hunt has had a whirlwind of a career and just a few years ago she Co-Founded, retail destination and experiential shopping experience, SHOWFIELD'S, "The Most Interesting Store in the World". Think of it as a museum tour meets amusement park shopping oasis. Yes, it exists! We are also honored to be one of their featured brands sold in-store and online so naturally we had to ask one of the ladies behind the concept, how did she do it???


LA: What is one interesting thing that people may not know about your career?


K: I was a theater major at Brown University and originally moved to NYC to become an actor. I spent my first three years in NYC auditioning and working as a background actor in shows like Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl and All My Children. It wasn't until I got my first job at Warby Parker in 2010 that I began working in the startup world.


LA: During your professional journey, what is one mistake you made that you learned the most from?


K: At the start of my career I believed that I would show up at my job and someone would outline everything they needed from me that day and how to do it. What I came to realize is that anything you want to learn, do, or create has to come directly from your own drive and your desire to work and learn. There is always more than enough work to go around, it is about getting your hands dirty and diving in if you want to make yourself invaluable.


LA: What is one thing you did that put you on the right path to success in your career?


K: I wish I could say that my career was a well laid out plan, but in reality there was a lot of luck involved. Getting to see Warby Parker built from the ground up was a huge inspiration in my life, and it gave me the courage to pursue a career in early stage startups. Dave Gilboa, Neil Blumenthal, Andy Hunt, and Jeff Raider, the founders of Warby Parker, are incredible teachers and the culture that they created was one where there were no right answers, just the challenge to try every day to build something new, and more importantly, something meaningful. This mindset is what set me up for the next ten years of my career.


LA: What are you most proud of at this moment?


K: During COVID many things became clear for our team at SHOWFIELDS and about what we wanted to build in this world. This led to us firmly placing a flag in the ground about only curating mission based companies that are not only better for you but better for the world. As we continue to grow, I am thrilled to be doing it alongside over 450 brands and over 200 artists who believe in and support this mission. We believe that we will only see the things we want to see in this world through supporting the creators that are at the forefront of this conversation.


LA: Your go-to beverage after a long week (specifics please!)?


K: Lemon juice, Perrier and rum, or a very large glass of Whispering Angel Rose.