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'How Did They Do It?' With TikTok's Top Creator Growth Strategist, Emma Gribbon!

Who runs the world? Social media. Ok kidding (well, kinda) Quarantine turned me into a TikToker and now I am obsessed! So naturally I had to interview the gal who helped me navigate this new platform and ask her how she landed a gig at the most talked about social media platform of the moment.....

LA: What is one interesting thing that people may not know about your career?

E: For 3 years after graduating college I worked at an Apple store at the Genius Bar. I transferred from SF to an LA store so I could work part-time in the entertainment industry. I did it ALL, I was a makeup artist, production coordinator, production assistant, an intern for a few beauty influencers, and started my YouTube channel Emmatainment. Sleeping 4 hours a night was a good night's sleep for me!

LA: During your professional journey, what is one mistake you made that you learned the most from?

E: Voice your opinions and share your ideas! My whole life I was afraid of "sounding stupid," it took one person to like my idea for me to really come out of my shell. Now I'm producing podcasts, livestreams, and helping other creators reach their full potential because of my not-so-stupid ideas.

LA: What is one thing you did that put you on the right path to growing a successful brand?

E: I made a promise to myself that no matter what my 9-5 was I would always continue to create. I've worked at some of the top tech companies and always kept my personal brand seperate from my work. Being a part-time creator has helped me land where I am today professionally. Never stop igniting the spark that keeps you going.

LA: What are you most proud of at this moment?

E:  I'm proud of the life that I've built for myself, the friends and amazing people I've met along the way, and being the most confident baddie that younger Emma always dreamed of becoming.

LA: Your go-to beverage after a long week (specifics please!)?

E: A spicy margarita! I found this jalapeno infused tequila and it really changed my spicy marg game. I like mine more on the skinny side (tastes fresher and doesn't leave you with a headache in the morning). I also like to put salt IN my margarita and not on the rim, it's less messy and brings out the drinks flavor more (I think, I could just be making that up but it tastes better!).


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