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25 Reasons why TOPTOTE will change your life

Still on the fence about purchasing a TOPTOTE hat clip? Let us count the ways it will be life-changing for you. Once you try it, we PROMISE you will never go back to your old hat carrying ways. EVER!
1. No more carrying your hat in your hand again- we know you've been there!
2. You like Options- and wearing 3 on your head is not a fashion statement
3. Traveling from point A to point B-  because we've walked out the door holding our hats one too many times!
4. Packing for a trip- packable hats are a myth
5. Hat boxes- are not practical, like ever
6. Riding a bike- the hat always flies off
7.  Early morning flight- no one wants to wear a fancy hat when they're half asleep
8.  Carrying a bunch of things at once and you don't want your hat to fly off? We've been there! 
9. Amusement park ride- because hats and rollercoasters don't do well together.
10.  Restaurants- don't you sometimes feel weird with a hat on inside?
11. You love a Two'fer- our Luggage Tag attaches to bags and luggage
12. At the movies- ummm people behind you are trying to see
13. Good for the guys- TOPTOTE attaches to a backpack, belt loop, golf bag, surfboard bag, you get it.
14. Boat Trips- because name a time you wore a hat on a boat and didn't regret it? We know we can't. 
15. A windy day- we can't predict the weather but at least we know we have TOPTOTE by our side when the weather isn't.
16. Convertible cars- definitely not floppy hat friendly...
17. Aperol spritz's- one turns into multiple and you don't want to forget your hat.
18. The heat- It's a lot hotter out than you anticipated and your hat is only making you hotter...
19. Itchy head- a result of prolonged hat wearing. It happens
20. Sun protection- enough said
21. Beach days- there's always wind and well, you've been there before
22. Fashion- yep, that's all
23. Festivals- you end up dancing your heart out and hat off...
24. Concerts- When it's the end of the day or night...
25. And Finally, You've lost one too many hats and don't want to lose another #TakeItWithTOPTOTE


Social Media- hat photos are always insta-worthy