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4 Tips For Traveling With Your Hat (at the airport)

We know traveling with a hat is a major issue, but with TOPTOTE, we have you covered! Many people ask us how to pack a hat (s) when it comes to getting them from the security line to the plane- safe and sound. We totally get it because our hats are very precious cargo to us too, so we're breaking it down for you with our 4 TSA approved tips below...



TIP 1: 

Detach your TOPTOTE from your luggage or bag!

TIP 2: 

Place your hat and TOPTOTE inside a bin 

TIP 3: 

TOPTOTE has a powerful magnet so keep away from all metal like we did in the image below or you could loose it in security!

TIP 4:

  On flight, detach TOPTOTE and try to place it between a bag and a hard suitcase in the overhead bin

REPEAT multiple times a year (#selfcare)