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First off if you're taking the time to read this right now then THANK YOU! You are one of the first few eyeballs to hit the new website and I'm honored you took the time. Inventing and bringing TOPTOTE to the market was a huge leap of faith for me in all aspects. I mean, my background for the past 15 years has been a fashion stylist in the entertainment business, NOT manufacturing and making products. Needless to say there were countless "What am I doing", "How do I do this" "What did I get myself into" and alllll the million other feels and second guesses you can imagine. Well, here we are! TOPTOTE is out in the wild and so far the response as been so incredible I'm almost embarrassed to gloat about it. Very humbled to say the least. I invented TOPTOTE out of my own need and now I can share it with you to make your life easier. I truly feel that TOPTOTE will allow you to wear your hat even more because it actually gives you the choice to wear it, or not! At any given time during the day or wherever life takes you. I've said it in the video and I will say it again- my mission is not to create the #cutestproductsever. That is not what excites me about product making and inventing. What excites me is creating products that get you sharing and connecting with your friends and family because it has a serviceble style element that makes life easier. THAT is what thrills me and this product is only the beginning of this entire mission. MASSIVE THANK YOU for the support. Even if you didn't purchase a product- even just reading this little note.