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How Does The TOPTOTE Hat Holder Work?

We get a lot of questions from customers about our US Patented TOPTOTE hat clip so we're here to give you answers to some of our most common asked questions! You may have seen our TOPTOTE magnetic hat clip featured in Travel & Leisure, The Today Show, and Good Morning America to name a few! Here's a little more about our famous little hat carrying invention....

How do you use a magnetic hat clip?

We get asked a lot, "How do you secure your hat to a bag?" Well, our Founder and Inventor of the TOPTOTE hat clip made it possible to secure your hat to your travel bag, handbag, tote bag or luggage so you can travel with your hat, hands-free. Simply attach the carabiner to the strap of your bag, then separate the two magnetic ends and snap them onto the brim of your hat. Make sure that the brim of the hat is completely inside the entire surface space of the inside of the magnetic ends to hold your hat securely. We make it easy to clip your hat and carry on!

Do magnetic hat holders work?

Our hat holders absolutely work! They are crafted with two high powered magnets to hold most hats securely on the go. Just ask our millions of customers! You can use TOPTOTE to hold all types of hats when traveling or going from point A to point B. From fedoras, fitted caps, straw hats, large brim and short brim hats, fabric hats, bucket hats, and more! TOPTOTE also universally works with hats for all ages and genders and is designed for all different style sensibilities. 

How do I keep my hat from sliding down?

When attaching your hat to our TOPTOTE magnetic hat clip you need to make sure the brim is pushed up so the entire surface space of the TOPTOTE is gripped to the brim of your hat. For thicker brims hats we recommend The Drop, The Fray or the Luggage tag hat clips as they have a larger surface space to grip onto your hat brim

What is a bag clip?

Our hat clip is called TOPTOTE and we were the FIRST to invent, design and launch this revolutionary travel product into the world. Since our hat holder is a new invention and way of traveling with your hat, people call it all kinds of things! Hat carrier, hat magnet, hat clip, hat holder, etc.