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How To STOP Overpacking For a Weekend Trip!

We've all been that person who checks their bag for a weekend trip but thankfully, we aren't anymore. So we've narrowed down some of Lindsay's best tips on how to STOP overpacking this holiday travel season... 


Tip #1 Plan your outfits ahead of time! Think about every day, night and activity or event you will be apart of and plan your outfits accordingly. This will not only save you space in your suitcase but time once you get to your destination.


Tip #2 Roll your clothes, don't fold them! This allows you to stack and move around what you have in your suitcase without having an unfolded mess 


Tip #3 Don't forget one or two comfy airport or hang out on the couch outfits. 


Tip #4 Check the weather! Sounds like common sense but things get busy and packing flip flops to the snow happens.


Tip #5 Only bring a coat (s) that actually go with outfits you planned out! 


Tip #6 Don't try to squish your hats into your suitcase last minute or decide not to bring them. Hat's are a travel necessity so take it with TOPTOTE instead!!!