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L*Space X Lindsay Albanese


I was a longtime customer of L*Space a DECADE before (no joke!) we decided to join forces to create this collection. It all started when they discovered TOPTOTE a few years ago and began selling it on their site. It has since continued to be a "best seller" so we thought, let's come together and design some stuff!

Introducing, L*Space X Lindsay Albanese! It's the ultimate style meets function 3 piece collection designed with hidden compartments and functional details to give you style and convenience on all your upcoming trips. Of course we designed a custom TOPTOTE, as well as a Tote bag that also doubles as a cooler + backpack, and a hat. Yes, a hat!! I think I am the most excited about that since without hats, TOPTOTE would have no purpose, ha!

This collection was made for getaway loving gals like us and we hope it makes your life a little easier on your next trip.

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