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Real or Produced? The dilemma of creating content as an influencer

Part of the job of being an influencer is documenting whatever it is that your platform specializes in – food, fashion, travel etc, and posting beautiful imagery. But the reality of my life is the fact that I am not always gallivanting around the world with a photographer and additionally not living or looking fabulous every single day. Therefore I need to set up shoots with photographers to capture imagery so I can stockpile it to then post on my social platforms on a consistent basis. Most recently i’ve had to change my approach because were seeing a trend that people consuming social media engage more with real, in-the-moment shots rather than that perfectly produced and posed professional photo. I’ve noticed this myself in seeing that the professional photos I upload get less, if not half of the likes and engagement than my every day iPhone photos. So that’s it! For now I’m done with those perfected professional photos. I’m not saying I’m never going to integrate those images into my content but I am for sure going to focus on life‘s real moments and sharing a better look into my every day as it happens. What type of imagery do you prefer-real life or professionally produced?

Top: JustFab // Skirt: ZARA // Shoes: Alias Mae