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We officially made our first revolution around the sun. When I think about this time last year, the days leading up to launching TOPTOTE, all that can come to mind is hope and hard work. Are people going to buy this little idea I created? Did we stock enough product? What if no one buys it? Man, launching a product is no joke! And the thoughts and fears go on and on. Well, as they say, fortune favors the bold and I'm proud to say that the little accessory that made my life easier has also proven to make your life easier and I couldn't be more proud!! From selling out on our site countless times and at Nordstrom over 12 times (just WOW!) to being featured on the Today Show, Goop, Travel and Leisure and more. This has hands down been the most rewarding year of my career- EVER. Thank you and I look forward to sharing more products that make your lives easier in the coming year.