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TOPTOTE X Lack of Color Collection

How cool is it to launch a brand, and less than 3 months after launching, a brand like Lack of Color asks if you want to collaborate?? To be honest, I was so overwhelmed handling my newly launched company (newbie over here!) that I wanted to say "No thank you, I can barely keep up over here" haha! But my gut told  me I was crazy and I could never say no to an opportunity that aligns my namesake with such an established and coveted label. I have worn LOC since the brand launched in 2011 so I've been a fan and consumer far before I had any aspirations of anything else with them. I mean, years and years ago I would borrow their hats for different fashion shoots and style segments I was hosting on T.V! How things have changed. I'm honored for Lack of Color to be my first collaboration and I hope you appreciate the intertwined style sensibility of both of our brands designed onto a chic little TOPTOTE that will stylishly carry your hat wherever your journey takes you.