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We Stand In Solidarity

We have always prided ourselves from day one as a brand who celebrates inclusiveness- not only with the models we use in our shoots, but also with our fellow professionals behind the scenes who have first-hand helped us build and keep this brand running at an optimal level every day. In the past few weeks, we have learned we can do better. It's more than images and hiring professionals, it's action beyond our bubble. We have learned we need to go deeper in a more actionable, vocal and consistent way to fight for unwavering equality along with justice and reform for our BIPOC community. We are not only furious and disheartened by the injustices- we have also been inspired by this community to do more; think beyond what we thought "inclusiveness" was, and be better humans to aid in change. First and foremost, we are using our collective social platforms to share resources, petitions, stories and tips to help amplify minority voices and causes for change. We have also made donations to Black Lives Matter and Know Your Rights Camp. Please know we are working on our strategy and we now know if we pride ourselves on being an anti-racist brand, we have to act on dismantling racism. Thank you for your patience while we do better.