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Featured in Buzzfeed's compilation of "44 Travel Products That Will Only Make Your Next Getaway Better," The Fileist's TOPTOTE magnetic luggage tag hat clip stands out as a game-changing accessory for travelers. Designed to offer unparalleled convenience, this tag can be clipped to a tote bag, providing a secure and accessible spot to store your hat during your journey. The innovative use of a magnet ensures that your hat remains in perfect condition throughout the trip, eliminating the frustration of retrieving a crushed and wrinkled hat from your luggage. As an LA-based woman-owned small business, The Fileist focuses on creating fashionable and functional accessories to enhance everyday life. With a testimonial highlighting its travel suitability, this accessory receives acclaim for its practicality and suitability for sun-soaked getaways. Priced at $55, The Fileist's magnetic luggage tag presents a versatile and thoughtful solution for avid travelers, revolutionizing hat storage on the go.

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