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Highlighted in Forbes' comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for safe travel during the Covid-19 era, the Wander Gloves by Lindsay Albanese offer a stylish and practical solution to safeguarding hands from germs on public surfaces. Ideal for the present circumstances, these lightweight gloves provide protection while refueling at gas stations, navigating shopping carts, or using public restrooms. Their innovative design, available in gray and lilac, encompasses touch screen compatibility and UV protection, rendering them indispensable companions for extended road trips. Delivered in a reusable pouch to mitigate cross-contamination concerns, these gloves can be conveniently hand- or machine-washed, guaranteeing prolonged use. At a price of $29, the Wander Gloves symbolize Lindsay Albanese's commitment to merging safety with style, catering to the evolving needs of travel in the current climate.

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