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Featured in Men’s Journal’s comprehensive guide to “The Best Adventure Travel Essentials That’ll Last You (Almost) Forever,” the Toptote Hat Holder (hat clip) stands out as a rugged yet stylish accessory to hold your hat hands-free suitable for both mountainous landscapes and urban settings such as restaurants and brewpubs. Recognizing the significance of hats during travel, this accessory caters to various needs, from safari exploration in Africa to cowboy ventures out West, and even tropical getaways. Unveiling an ingenious solution, the Toptote Hat Holder, aptly named “The Drop,” addresses the challenge of safeguarding hats while on the move. By effortlessly attaching the hat clip to backpacks, bags, or luggage, travelers can securely hold their hats using the clips’ magnetic closure. This innovative and uncomplicated accessory ensures the preservation of leather, suede, or straw hats, streamlining the travel experience for adventurers and explorers alike.

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