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Rachael Ray show

TOPTOTE hat clip loved by Rachael Ray and featured on her daytime talk show. What an honor! Rachael loved TOPTOE so much she says, "TOPTOTE is more practical than my diamonds!" and "I love form and function". The segment highlights the travel essential known as the TOPTOTE hat clip, addressing the common dilemma of what to do with your hat when you're on the go. The TOPTOTE hat clip is a stylish solution that uses a double magnetic system to securely carry your hat for you, allowing you to remove it when you don't want to wear it. This innovative accessory offers a hands-free solution for hat lovers and is demonstrated in action in a provided video. Additionally, the article mentions a luggage tag version of the TOPTOTE, allowing travelers to easily transport their straw hats while on vacation, further enhancing convenience and style for hat enthusiasts on the move.

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