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TOPTOTE magnetic hat clip featured in Who What Wear website. The collaborative insights of Janet Gunn and Melissa Meyers, featured in Who What Wear’s article “9 Accessories That Will Never Go ‘Out of Style’ From Women in Their 50s,” offer a unique perspective on timeless fashion for women. Gunn, the dynamic influencer behind The Grateful Gardenia, and Meyers, based in Los Angeles, champion beauty, style, travel, and wellness through Meyers’ blog, The Glow Girl. Their combined expertise underscores the importance of embracing individuality and confidence as women age. This piece delves into specific accessories that enhance ensembles, turning ordinary looks into exceptional statements. Among the featured accessories is the practical yet often overlooked hat carrier, exemplifying a functional fashion companion that effortlessly attaches to handbags or carry-ons, safeguarding hats during travel. Gunn’s illustration, with the Lindsey Albanese TOPTOTE hat clip, emphasizes the accessory’s utility. This collaboration continues to inspire women to embrace their personal style journey.

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