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Which TOPTOTE Hat Clip Is Right For You?

The perfect hat can be an essential part of any outfit, but packing your hats isn’t ever convenient since they can get damaged and carrying them in your hand is always a hassle. Yep, we’ve been there one too many times. One of the most common questions we get asked by our customers is, “Which TOPTOTE hat clip is best for my hat?” Well, we have many different styles – some of which are best used with certain hat styles so we’re sharing which hat clip is right for you.

But first, a little backstory...

Many years ago our Founder Lindsay thought, "I hate traveling with my hat! How can you secure your hat to a bag and travel hands free without carrying it in your hand??" Turns out, after tons of research, no solution existed in the market. That's why she designed, invented and US patented what is now known as the TOPTOTE hat holder – the world's very FIRST hat clip and the best thing for hat travel since the hat box, allowing you to easily travel with your hats hands-free. Now if you’re reading this we’re sure you are familiar with how our US patented magnetic hat clip works! Basically, it easily clips to your tote, luggage, carry-on – you name it and securely holds your hats with 2 high-powered magnets while you’re on the go – because you already have enough things to carry in your hands!

It’s the life changing hat clip accessory we never travel without and once you clip it onto your bag – you’ll never take it off. Seriously! But be mindful if you are heading through airport security – because those high powered magnets we mentioned are super strong so they can get stuck to things. We recommend double checking your bag before heading to your gate that your TOPTOTE is still in tact.

Ok now let's get to which TOPTOTE hat clip is best for you...


TOPTOTE - The Luggage Tag

Our Founder, Lindsay swears by this style and ALWAYS uses it when she’s headed to the airport. The Luggage Tag is one of the original TOPTOTE magnetic hat clips we launched with the brand years ago. It’s not your typical luggage tag, it’s a hat clip that attaches to your suitcase and carries your hat when you travel! Our patented TOPTOTE fastens onto the handle of your roller carry-on securely with our secure collar pin closure. And she’s a twofer because we designed it so you can easily attach it to your tote bag if you’re not traveling with a suitcase. GENIUS! We recommend this hat holder if you have a trip planned, always travel with a carry-on suitcase or have ever been that person carrying their hat in their hand in the airport…

For Thicker Brim Hats

TOPTOTE - The Fray or The Drop

 Our two best sellers right here! The Fray or any of The Drop style magnetic hat clips is best for thicker brimmed hats because it has the widest surface space to really grab onto that brim securely. It works perfectly with most heavier weight felt or wool hats as well as fedoras, baseball caps, boater or bucket hats. This style is also ideal for hats where the brim turns up a little bit. We suggest just leaving this baby on your tote bag all season so its there when you need it!

For Thin Brim Hats


Our magnets are pretty strong and hold most hats depending on brim thickness but the truth is, some our our TOPTOTE hat clips may hold your hat better than others. Although it can hold thicker brim hats, he Hex is really ideal for thinner brim hats. Think your straw, raffia, fabric or palm sun hats. The Hex TOPTOTE hat clip can also handle carry 2 hats depending on brim thickness. This style is classic enough to use year round and will attach to most of your bag straps. Now you can finally stop carrying your hat in your hand when you travel! Game changing.


Now that we’ve covered which TOPTOTE hat holder is right for you…

Wherever you plan on wearing your hats this season, make sure to have a TOPTOTE magnetic hat holder clipped to your bag and on you at all times so that your favorite hat makes it back home unscathed! Either way, were excited to make your life easier with our brilliant invention and look forward to launching new styles every season.