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The Weekender Two Sided Travel Laundry Bag with "WASH ME" printed across the center, inside a black tote bag with the black Drop TOPTOTE holding a cream hat
Photo of the Weekender Two-Sided Travel Laundry Bag with "Wear Me" printed across the center, in a suitcase on top of folded clothes and accessories

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Two-Sided Travel Laundry Bag

  1. I used this bag for the first time on a recent 5-day trip. Absolutely a game-changer to keep track of wear vs. wash, and once back home, so simple to throw the ‘wash me’s’ in the laundry basket. Didn’t have to search through the various suitcase pockets, where the dirties had been stashed.

  2. I never knew what to do with my dirty clothes on trips and i would usually just stuff them in the zipper pouch of my suitcase which is kinda of gross! I love this because I have a place to store both without worrying about the cleans touching the dirties

  3. I recently took my laundry bag on a trip to Hawaii and it was a life-savior. It kept my undies and socks so organized- I even used it for my damp swimsuits!

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