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The Collector Hat Organizer

Sale price$48.00

We needed something to organize our hats- so we invented a solution. Introducing- The Collector hat organizer! Simply hang it onto the back of your door, attach your TOPTOTE’s to the loops, and hang your hats conveniently and out of the way! We designed The Collector using heavy-weight canvas and custom, brushed gold hardware so it looks elevated and aesthetically pleasing when it's on your door.

    the collector hat organizer organizes your hats like a hat rack on your door
    The Collector Hat Organizer Sale price$48.00

    More Ways To Style

    Neutral enough to look sophisticated in any room and functional enough to perfectly display 3-6 hats up and out of the way.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    So smart!!

    I am thrilled I got this!!! The gold tone is so nice.

    I was displaying my hats with TOPTOTEs nailed to my wall. Which was fine, but the Collector is so much better, and much prettier. With the multiple loops, I can adjust the placement of my hats depending in which size hat I am hanging (which was not the case with the nails). I also love that I can display my favorite hats out in a room, or hang them behind a closet door if I want to keep the space minimal when we have company over. So good!!

    Wow, what a glowing review! Happy to make your life more organized. THANK YOU!

    Sarah S
    A MUST-HAVE for hat wearers

    I recently purchased this because I have a ton of hats and never knew how to properly organize them. I'm so glad I did because I now have them all in one place and don't have to worry about bending them again and it cleared up more room in my closet!

    Now I wish I had more doors to buy another!

    We love this! We aim to make your life easier and this comment confirms we did just that! Thank you

    Perfect for small spaces!

    I have a small apartment and never know what to do with my hats! This nifty little thing not only organizes my hats but it also looks super cute on my door. Love the light gold hardware

    What a great review!!! We're so happy to make your life easier and your space a little neater. Thank you