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The Daily Cactus 'Leather' Laptop Clutch

Sale price$118.00

We took a basic laptop sleeve, and reimagined it to look more like a clutch! We designed our laptop clutch in durable faux leather made from cactus so you have a sleek, slim-fit sleeve to protect your laptop on-the-go along with a discreet front pocket to hold your essentials (iPhone, journal, pen, etc)- all in one. Stash it in your bag or clutch it from place to place! 

    Lindsay albanese laptop sleeve with front pocket and gold hardware
    The Daily Cactus 'Leather' Laptop Clutch Sale price$118.00


    Our Founder Lindsay Albanese was looking for a laptop sleeve and realized very quickly that they were all pretty expensive, boring and well, not very functional. So she decided to design her own! The Daily Laptop clutch was designed to protect your laptop AND hold all your work essentials in one convenient sleeve so that you can clutch it from place to place along with your favorite handbag or toss in in your tote bag.

    Why Our Laptop Sleeve Is Different Than Anything You’ve Seen…

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