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The Tie TOPTOTE Hat Clip

Sale price$59.00

If you love feminine and masculine style sensibilities then the Tie hat clip will tick all your boxes! Made out of genuine leather, The Tie has a classic neck tie design with a rippled texture in the leather so it looks very luxury. This style looks especially fashion forward on your bag when it's not attached to a hat.

+U.S. Pat. No. 10,413,047


Elevate your fall fashion look with the new red TOPTOTE hat clip. This sophisticated vibrant red accessory perfectly complements the season's rich and warm color palette and your favorite sweater and tote bag. Not only does it add a subtle bright element to your fall outfit, but it also ensures your favorite hat stays in place wherever you go. Where are you going anyways? Tell us more.

toptote magnetic hat carry holds you hat when you travel
TOPTOTE magnetic hat clip holds your hat hands-free
toptote by Lindsay albanese magnetic hat holder for all hats
toptote by lindsay albanese us patented magnet hat clip

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