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The Drop TOPTOTE Hat Clip

Sale price$55.00

Our BEST SELLER is right here! The Drop TOPTOTE hat clip is our classic style that appeals to all ages, genders and style sensibilities. Designed securely carry most hats when you travel or go from place to place allowing you to FINALLY carry travel with your hat, hands-free.

The Drop TOPTOTE Hat Clip
The Drop TOPTOTE Hat Clip Sale price$55.00


Our best selling Drop TOPTOTE hat clip in genuine basketweave embossed leather combines classic feminine and masculine style sensibilities which make it a favorite for all genders. This style hat clip has the most surface space to securely hold onto your hat so it is ideal for thick brim, turned up brim, wool or felt hats. Classic and timeless to be worn year round no matter what season you're wearing or traveling with your hat. It looks effortlessly sophisticated on a tote bag, backpack- even a golf bag! When you travel with a hat you don't typically want to wear it the whole time. So if you're running to the airport, headed to the beach, the snow and everywhere in between, the TOPTOTE hat clip will hold your hat securely so you don't have to.

genuine leather toptote magnetic hat clip that allows you to travel with your hat hands free

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