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We Are the fileist – A Community That Supports Women Who Create Brilliant Products

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a shopping destination that sold the most stylish, functional, and innovative lifestyle products on the market… and everything was created by women?? YES!

That is one of the thoughts our Founder, Lindsay had when on a long road trip to see her parents a few years ago…

After inventing TOPTOTE as the first product in the “Lindsay Albanese” brand, Lindsay felt there was a lack of community for women like her who create cool things. Because of this realization she was inspired to share the spotlight with other highly creative and ambitious women who have invented beautifully designed lifestyle products that bring ease and order into your life. 

She launched the fileist marketplace as a destination to present and sell these brilliant women created brands. The ultimate destination in not only shopping small, but also supporting women owned businesses. Not only does the fileist bring these products center stage, it provides the opportunity to tell the stories of the creative women behind them.

Just imagine having this BIG idea, bringing it to life, and then launching it as a successful brand alongside women doing the very same thing! That’s what we’re doing at the fileist.

Why Is It Important To Shop Small?

When you shop small, you're not just supporting a local business. You're also supporting a woman's dream and the risk she took to bring her idea to life so that all of us can use and enjoy it. Women-owned businesses are more likely to hire women, pay their employees a living wage, and give back to their communities. Plus, they often offer unique and innovative products and services that you won't find anywhere else. Our goal at the fileist is to bring all these brilliant women created products for you to discover and encourage you to shop small.

First came TOPTOTE, then came a brand…

You may have heard this story before but it’s that good that we’re telling it again. Being the entrepreneur and creative Lindsay is, her wheels started turning and the ideas for more serviceable lifestyle products just kept coming. Beyond TOPTOTE, Lindsay designed cult favorites like our 2-Sided Travel Laundry Bag (because we never knew where to put our dirty socks and undergarments when traveling), The Collector (we needed something to organize our hats at home and save space), The Daily Laptop Clutch (we couldn’t find a sleek, stylish laptop case that held all our work stuff so we designed one!) – the list goes on…

This expansion enabled her to reach more customers than ever before—allowing them to shop and discover stylish, everyday products that make their lives easier – without breaking the bank!

But she wasn’t going to stop there… Lindsay realized that if she had invented a genius product that makes people’s lives easier – then there had to be more female inventors out there like her. So, it only made sense that she help pave the way for other female inventors and their genius ideas. Lindsay wanted to create a community of shared experiences and lessons because there was no handbook for her when she invented TOPTOTE. There also weren’t any resources or even retailers that spotlighted and sold female invented lifestyle products – this is when Lindsay knew she was tapping into uncharted territory.

Support women with big ideas who want to make their own money

We are the fileist, highlighting functional and innovative products created by brilliant women. If you are a women-owned small business or you support women-owned small businesses, you are a fileist. Welcome to the best of the best of women-created products.