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5 Clever Ways To Organize Your Closet

If you’re someone who likes to be organized like we do, here are the five things our Founder, Lindsay Albanese uses to keep her closet organized.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

During her days as a celebrity fashion stylist, Lindsay would organize the closets of her clients and found the most clever ways to stack, store, organize, and display everything in closet spaces and drawer cases. If you’re looking for accessible yet clever ways to organize your closet, pull up your Amazon application and be ready for that uptick in dopamine.

Marie Kondo said it best, “The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”
We say life is for living… And for staycations and stackable jewelry. These plastic cases are perfect for organizing your sunglasses while keeping them on display in the acrylic drawers so you know exactly what you have and you don’t have to keep them in their cases. Because that’s annoying.

This clutch organizer is like a file cabinet for your clutches! It’ll help organize your closet by keeping your handheld bags perfectly in order and, while you’re at it, it’ll keep your other stuff organized too. You can also really get wild with it and color coordinate them.

These stackable jewelry trays are just genius. The top is transparent so you always know what jewelry you have, you can choose how you want to stack your jewelry, and you have the ability to accessorize without having to untangle necklaces or look for earring backs. Since they were designed to stack one top of another, you can organize all your jewelry until your lil heart is content!

This lil gold box feels fancy and holds your jewelry too. You can use it as a beautiful way to display your jewels while keeping the more embellished pieces out of the mix. With brushed gold and acrylic, we love this box’s elevated look.

Talk about a beautiful presentation! These clear posts are great for stacking bracelets and chunkier pieces out of the way when they won’t fit in your gold box.

Women-Invented Products To Organize Your Closet and Your Essentials
To keep you in the flow of function-meets-space management, we’ve included some of our favorite women-invented products to organize your closet.

  1. The 2-Sided Laundry Bag: Designed to easily stash your cleans and dirties in one convenient pouch! Our two-sided laundry bag is a pouch with a zipper on each side and a divider in the middle so you can easily store your cleans and dirties separately and in one convenient place when traveling. Hot Tip: Keep it packed with your bathing suit in the “Wear Me” side for easy packing, it’ll be ready to go for your next trip!
  2. The Daily Laptop Clutch: We reimagined the basic laptop sleeve and created a laptop clutch! It’s a sleek, slim fit sleeve to protect your laptop on-the-go along with a discreet front pocket to hold your essentials (iPhone, journal, pen, etc.) all in one! Hot Tip: No more fishing around your bag for your pen and paper.
  3. The Collector Hat Organizer: We needed something to organize our hats – so we invented a solution, The Collector. Simply hang The Collector onto the back of your door, attach your TOPTOTE hat holders to the loops, and store your hats conveniently and out of the way! Ideal to help you organize if you have a small closet or space. We designed The Collector using heavy weight canvas and custom, brushed gold hardware so it looks elevated and aesthetically pleasing when it’s on your door. Hot Tip: It’ll hold more than one hat at a time!

We hope you enjoyed this tip-focused article and learned a thing or two about the five clever ways to organize your closet.

Give these a try, let us know your favorite finds, and tag us on Instagram when you do!