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Useful and Stylish Gifts under $150

If you're like me you're always looking for cool, stylish and useful gifts that will make people go, "Wow this is so cool!!" or "Ah! I needed something like this!" Am I right?? Well thats exactly why I want to share some of our best-sellers that accomplish just that– all under $150! Oh and did I mention all the gifts I'm featuring are designed or invented by a woman owned small business? yep yep! Now you can toss the gift receipt because trust us, you won’t need it. If you have friends or family members who are avid travelers, love fashion and prefer to keep things organized, you're in luck! Because there's nothing better than giving a gift where someone says, "I love this!". 

Whether the person you're gifting for is embarking on a solo journey or planning a family vacation, these thoughtful gifts will help them stay organized and make the most of their travel experiences. Happy gifting!


If they like taking weekend trips...


RoadTrippin Tote $189

e take this baby just about everywhere. It has the perfect amount of space to hold all your things and keep your drinks and snacks cool. Or Simply remove the cooler and use the bottom for all your things. See how we use it here

If they like to travel... 

lindsay albanese two sided travel laundry bag packing cubes


2-Sided Travel Laundry Bag $45

Now this is a good stocking stuffer for him or her! Ever wonder where to put your dirty socks and undergarments when traveling? Us too! Most people just stash their dirties in a suitcase pocket- gross! That is why we designed the two-sided travel laundry bag. It holds your cleans and dirties in one pouch separately. It's also coated inside so its water resistant. It's one of those products once you use it, you will never travel without it. Ask any of our customers! Available in black and Natural.


They appreciate fashion and looking good.....

fabric steamer heats up in 20 seconds

Steamery Fabric Steamer $140

Remember the days when ironing was a whole production, right? Enter the Steamery Cirrus X Steamer, the ultimate game-changer for you people who like efficiency because well, you have better things to do than steam. This thing's like the James Bond of garment care. It's got some serious intelligence packed into its sleek design. First off, it heats up in a flash, none of that waiting around like it's auditioning for a sitcom. Efficiency is the name of the game. Now, the Cirrus X isn't just about getting rid of wrinkles—it's a fabric-friendly genius. It's got different settings for various materials, so your silk blouse doesn't get the same treatment as your favorite denim jacket. Talk about high-tech TLC for your wardrobe. And get this, it's not just for your clothes. The Cirrus X tackles upholstery, curtains, whatever's got those stubborn creases. It's basically the multitasking superhero of garment care, without the cape. So, if you're into looking sharp without the hassle, the Steamery Cirrus X Steamer is your trusty sidekick. It's that thing everyone needs because it makes getting wrinkles out such a breeze!

If they travel with a roller carry-on......

the luggage tag


The Luggage Tag $69

The TOPTOTE luggage hat clip is the only way we travel with our hats at the airport. Designed in smooth black leather with a super secure snap at the top so your hat stays put! Think about it, you already have so many things in your hand when you travel from your ID, passport, suitcase, bag, phone, coffee- the list goes on! Our Founder Lindsay Albanese says this is the only TOPTOTE she uses when headed to the airport. She sometimes stacks her hats on top of each other so she can bring multiple. Don't forget that when you go through security you need to detach the TOPTOTE and put it in the bin. Our magnets are very strong and you wouldn't want your TOPTOTE to get stuck on anything. Oh, and never check this luggage tag. The magnets are very strong and we advise you only use this for carry on baggage. Safe travels!

If like home decor and setting the vibe...


Everlasting Candle $79

We found a candle that never melts, burns for over 50 + hours and also looks like modern art in your home! The Everlasting Candle is the only candle that can be relighted thousands of times. With it’s natural, clean burning pristine oil – you can feel good knowing you aren’t breathing in toxins too (Yes, toxic candles are a thing!) Not to mention its elevated design will make your room feel that much more sophisticated. If there is one product we always have in our home – it’s a candle, and now you have one that lasts forever!


If they wear a lot of hats, literally....

gifts under $150


The Collector Bundle $99

Hats are hard to organize and we needed something we could use at home and would save us space – so we designed it! The Collector is a hat organizing system that hangs on the back of your door and holds 3-10 hats depending on how many you want to stack on each other. My Mom actually uses The Collector with 10 hats! Simply attach your TOPTOTE hat clip to the loops on the canvas strap, clip your brim between the magnetic tabs and hand your hats up and out of the way! Ideal for small closets too. And for a limited time you get 3 TOPTOTE's when you purchase this bundle. They’ll love this especially if they have a small closet 

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