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Wylie Signature Clean Burning Candle Set

Sale price$79.00

We found a candle that never melts, burns for over 50 + hours and also looks like modern art in your home! The Everlasting Candle is the only candle that can be relighted thousands of times. With it’s natural, clean burning pristine oil – you can feel good knowing you aren’t breathing in toxins too (Yes, toxic candles are a thing!) Not to mention its elevated design will make your room feel that much more sophisticated. If there is one product we always have in our home – it’s a candle, and now you have one that lasts forever!

Everlasting candle is a clean burning non toxic candle that burns over 50 hours and looks like modern art in your home
Wylie Signature Clean Burning Candle Set Sale price$79.00

MORE WAYS TO set the vibe

There's something about lighting a candle that just feels luxurious. It sets the vibe, stills the moment and just makes any time of day feel more special and well, vibey. In recent years we have learned the importance of using clean burning non-toxic candles instead of those scented ones we love so much (they're definitely hard to give up!). Some candles contain harmful chemicals that can pollute the air and even be toxic to your health, That's why it's important to choose candles that are made with clean-burning, non-toxic ingredients. We appreciate that Everlasting candle not only created just that but took it to the next level with their sophisticated, modern design to compliment most home, office, or work space design aesthetics.

Customer Reviews

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I love Everlasting Candle! The design instantly elevated my room, and the fact that these candles are reusable makes them even more appealing. Lighting them up creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Oh we love this! Thank you so much

Worth every penny!

At first I thought it seemed expensive but when you think about the fact that candles are so expensive and when they are done they are done and you can use this one FOREVER, you get wayyy more for your buck. And it’s so gorgeous!

We agree! So happy you love it as much as we do