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TOPTOTE x Saks Fifth Avenue

Our exclusive, limited edition TOPTOTE collection was designed in collaboration with our Founder and Inventor Lindsay Albanese and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Story behind the Saks Exclusive Collection

Before we get into the good stuff I want to share a surprising little back story with you. About 23 years ago I worked retail at Saks Fifth Avenue. Yep! I worked at their store in Beverly Hills at the very very beginning of my pursuit of trying (emphasis on trying) to break into the fashion industry and for me, that first point of entry was not family connections, but starting from the beginning, in retail.

Who would have ever predicted that many decades later (WOW!) my own namesake brand would be selling on those luxury shelves, much less designing an exclusive collection of my own invention, with the prestigious luxury retailer where I started my career folding and steaming clothes way back when??

Beaming with pride I am grateful to share that my namesake brand has been so successful at Saks for the past few years that the buyer reached out to my team a little over a year ago and asked if we would be interested in designing an exclusive TOPTOTE collection, just for them! We didn't have to think twice- YES! Their buying team immediately told us their customer loves shimmer, sparkle and metallic so armed with that information my team went to work by finding just that. From there we all pined over various materials, trims, shapes and colors until we found the perfect pairings that we all thought would suit the Saks style conscious, high-end, hat wearing customer. The result was this 3 piece TOPTOTE hat clip collection that we believe perfectly blends the luxury aesthetic Saks is known for along with the serviceable functionality and style that the Lindsay Albanese brand is synonymous with. I must say, It's quite the success story.


In essence, the Saks Fifth Avenue customer is not defined by demographics but by a shared mindset—an appreciation for the finer things, an eye for detail, and a passion for the extraordinary. And because of that sentiment, the perfect balance of elegance and function was at the forefront of our minds when we designed the Saks X TOPTOTE hat clip exclusive collection. The Saks shopper takes pride in owning something that transcends the ordinary, a testament to their elevated taste which is precisely why we designed this exclusive collection so that they can not only effortlessly travel with their hat hands-free, but also offer them a one-of-a-kind solution centric product that is rooted in elevated design as much as it is in function.