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Top 5 travel products we never fly without in 2023!

I think we can all relate to the anxiety you get when traveling. It seems you can never have enough hands or be too organized to make the trip as seamless as possible. That’s why we never travel without these 5 key products that make our life easier……


A photo of the black Luggage Tag TOPTOTE hat holder holding a cream hat and attached to a rolling suitcase. A woman is standing next to the suitcase with her hand resting on the extended handle.


Travel Luggage Tag

Because your hands should be carrying a coffee and your phone, not your hat!


A photo of the Weekender Two-Sided Travel Laundry Bag in two sizes. The large bag says "Wear Me" in cursive lettering and the small bag says "WASH ME" in block text.


The 2-Sided Travel Laundry Bag

We’ve all been that person who stashes their dirty underwear in a pocket in their suitcase, right? Gross! That’s exactly why we designed this. Available in our extended stay and weekender size (so you’re covered no matter how short or long your next trip is!)


A photo of a woman holding the Daily Laptop Clutch in blush pink with a book and pen tucked into the front pocket.


The Daily Laptop Clutch

Easily fits your laptop, notepad, pen, phone, even your charger! Plus, it’s stylish so you can clutch it from place to place or toss it in your tote!


A side-view photo of the Noa Classic Backpack in cream with gold hardware, with a water bottle in the side pocket.
A rear-view photo of the Noa Classic Backpack in cream with gold hardware, demonstrating the zipper pockets on the backpack straps.


The Classic Noa Travel Backpack

It’s the bag Lindsay never travels without – because it has compartment for everything! It even has hidden zipper pockets on the shoulder straps for easy access to hand sanitizer, your ID, etc. So genius!


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