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Why Female-Led Collectives and Hubs Matter

March 3, 2023

Why Female Led Hubs and Collectives Matter - Features - Female Founder Collective - Rebecca Minkoff and Ali Wyatt - the fileist

Calling all entrepreneurs…

We know how hard it is to get your idea out into the world which is why we launched the fileist – a marketplace that spotlights and sells female invented and innovative products alongside Lindsay’s namesake brand. Not only is it hard to get your product out there into your customers hands, but it is even harder to find the right resources (aka female-led hubs and collectives) to do so.

So this International Womens Month we are giving you what we didn’t have – resources! We’re sharing our two favorite resources that we’ve found valuable and think you will too whether you are an entrepreneur, own a small business, have an idea for product or just want to learn more- this one is for you.

Create and Cultivate

Create & Cultivate

Lindsay is a friend Jaclyn Johnson, the founder of Create & Cultivate and has had the pleasure of speaking on their panels, attending events and more – so we are excited to share this one… Create & Cultivate is a ‘modern media company providing content, community, and curated events for ambitious women.’ It is the place female entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners, those looking to change career paths (and more!) go to feel inspired, learn from the best, network and even shop (yep, they have an online marketplace too!)

They hold conferences for the modern working woman with panel speakers such as Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe and more where attendees can learn what it is like to start a business, create a product, launch an idea into the world (list goes on) and get real, advice from women who are out there killing it in the biz world. As we mentioned before, Lindsay was a speaker herself on one of their panels a while back and it was so inspiring to see how many people came out to learn and network at their event. This is one of many the reasons why we love their platform and what they are doing because they’ve managed to build a real community of women and make a name for themselves because of it.

Not only do they hold epic business conferences that are actually fun and truly valuable but they also share job postings from other businesses that are hiring, financial advice, mindset tips and tricks and more… Let’s just say it’s an endless resource for working women today.

Want to get inspired and learn from some of the best in the biz?

Check out Create & Cultivate here!

Female Founder Collective founded by Rebecca Minkoff and Ali Wyatt

Female Founder Collective

This one is a no-brainer… Launched in 2018, and Co-Founded by some of the biggest names in the business – renowned designer Rebecca Minkoff (a friend of Lindsay’s and a big supporter of the fileist) and Investor Ali Wyatt, The Female Founder Collective is a ‘members only community built for female founders looking for vetted resources, meaningful connections & skill building programs!’

If you haven’t heard of their founders then we’re sure you’ve seen their Instagram posts as they’ve built a large following by sharing real-talk business advice (which we never can get enough of!) and key business takeaways from well-known, female founders, entrepreneurs, and more. So if aren’t following them – this is your sign to!

Their mission is to empower women to take that leap of faith and pursue that big business idea – by giving them the tools to do so. Because let’s face it- it’s scary, and there is a lot to know and learn before starting a business. We know this first-hand…

Not only do they hold in-person events (because human connection is everything!) and workshops like Create & Cultivate- so that you can network with the best of the best but they’ve most recently revamped what they are currently doing by launching The 10th House. It’s a membership platform that provides resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses.

The Female Founder Collective also offers mentorships (like we do once a month on the fileist!) as well as resources to help you find investors, sponsors, like-minded individuals- you name it. Now if you are wondering if you can afford their memberships do not worry – they offer different tiers so you can find a plan that works best for you. Because time is $$$ as we all know…

So if you’ve read this far then the Female Founder Collective is right for you – click here to learn more.

Lastly, if you liked this post and the content we shared- we want to know! Comment below and share your thoughts with us. Here’s to women empowering and helping women this month and every month!

+ Follow Create & Cultivate here

+ Follow The Female Founder Collective here